Cutest Dog

It’s a little bit late and I’m behind schedule, but my goal is to write everyday in this blog, and I’m using that Daily Prompt everyday, no matter what.

So here’s the cutest dog I’ve had named Seiko. She doesn’t have a pedigree. She’s a well-behaved dog. She knows she can’t poop or pee inside because that makes our dad shout. She wants us to share our hooman food with her, but when we do, she sometimes doesn’t eat it at all. She’s not allowed to loiter around the house. In one corner of the room, there’s a place, her spot, where she can sit but that’s it. She’s not allowed to take another step.

However, when everyone else is asleep, and I just came home from a tiring work at 1am, there she is, welcoming me with a wagging tail.

I’d go inside the house, and she would follow me. She knows the rules of the place, and she’d go back to that small corner and sit there. But when she sees the dad is asleep, and no one would shout at her, she feels the courage to be free inside the house, and I would let her.

And she’d go and sniff people’s sleeping faces as she passes by.


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