Nobody Notices — Thin Brown Girl

Here’s to the days when I put extra time and effort to get ready, to look pretty and no one notices. When I feel beautiful at home, satisfied with myself but as soon as I step out there are far prettier girls in the room. When no one compliments me or notice my matching earrings. […]

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Twinning with my Boyfriend

I had lots of fun yesterday! My boyfriend and I went out wearing this couple shirt!

twinning 1.png

I’m so glad to be a sailor even just for a day with you!

We also had couple shoes from Keds! They have Keds for men!

twinning 2.png


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Heart Switched

There was a boy and a girl. The boy had a lot of fears in life, and his heart was always drowning in sadness. The girl lived a comfortable life, and she was fine. The two met one day, and they became close friends despite the different lives they had. The boy would put on his best smile, and the girl would always return his smiles.

Later on, the girl discovered the boy’s sadness and she was greatly affected. She wanted to take the pain away. So while the boy was sleeping, she cut her chest and she cut his chest, and she switched her heart with his.

When the boy awoke the next day, he was feeling fine. He was much stronger than before, and he was feeling emotionally stable. He met the girl later that day. The girl saw his happiness and so she put on her best smile. He returned her smile, too.


Eyes On Me Always

You were walking on the streets with your boyfriend or girlfriend and a beautiful person just walked by. Then your sweetheart just looked past you to check out that hottie:


Remember this meme?

I know. I know. People shouldn’t be jealous of any prettier or more handsome creatures out there even if your boyfriend or girlfriend just happened to take a quick look, but if that happens too often, I think somehow our self-esteem gets lower or our doubt about how we look becomes greater.

Girls are more likely to be jealous than boys (or maybe that’s just my opinion). Well, scratch that. I just searched Google a few milliseconds ago and found out women really have the tendency to get more jealous than guys. Boys, what are you exactly doing for your girlfriends to be this jealous?

Well, I’ve got something to share, and yes, I’ve mentioned this to my boyfriend, too. Yep, I promised myself not to keep any hidden feelings anymore, no matter how small or irrelevant they are, and this one is not really that big or serious. Still, I want to blog about it, because this is my blog and I can blog whatever I want!

There’s this really pretty lady in our office, and she’s new. She’s tall, has nice fashion sense (but I think those kinds of clothes only work for tall women T_T) and she has an angelic face. All this time, whenever she passes by, I can’t help but look at her. There’s no point in denying – she really is indeed, beautiful. I mean, there are different kinds of “beautiful” but her kind of beauty is just that kind where you see her, you admire how she looks, simply, because she’s beautiful. A kind of beauty where it somehow enchants you.

 And I know my boyfriend is the same as me ( 〃´艸`) We both look at her whenever she passes by. We just both, somehow, get enchanted or something (BY THE WAY, I’M STRAIGHT).

And when he looks at her, just a quick glance, it just feels…

Anyways, for now, I guess I’m jealous or just plain insecure, and at the same time, if you compliment me saying I’m beautiful and all that praises, I would be really skeptical. It’s not that I’m questioning your sincerity, but it’s just probably that I can’t believe someone’s saying this to me (´∀`;)

So far, I’ve accepted that I’m… okay… beautiful… alright?  But I know it when someone is more beautiful  than I am, and if the boyfriend looks at other prettier girls, I get uncomfortable and skeptical of how I look. The thought that your lover would be attracted to other girls is just kinda…

BUT! Again, this is not really a big deal, but somehow, I wanted to write about this. I mean, I know I should NOT be insecure.

Also, just not to be biased, boys get jealous, too. So girls, try not to make your boyfriends jealous, or just for the sake of revenge. That’s never really good, isn’t it?




I can’t stop the tears — What the mind doesn’t tell

When I saw this picture, I just remembered about me crying so much during arguments in the past. I couldn’t even speak or tell what’s on my mind. It feels like it’s much easier to cry than to actually communicate, but I’ve learned that sometimes, crying doesn’t solve anything at all! Yes, it would make you feel better afterwards, but it doesn’t solve anything. Now, I feel like I’m slowly changing this attitude of mine whenever I have problems.


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The Dream about the Cannibal Town

Dream dreamed on August 10, 2018

I dreamed that I was lured into a town in the forest. It seemed like a town which you can’t find easily – a hidden, mysterious town. For some reason, I managed to find myself in the forest, maybe, I had a car accident or what, and the townspeople helped me by leading me to their place.

It was very dark at night, and they invited me for dinner. What’s interesting is all the people were dressed in formal clothes like in the old times. I was the only one dressed in modern clothes.

There was a person who was the son of the most important person in town. Let’s just call him the mayor’s son. He looked like the robot guy from the Ghost in the Shell movie. I think he made me fall in love with him at that moment.

There was some kind of village festival that night, and we spent time with each other in the forest, just walking and talking. When we headed back to the town, he said his father is going to talk to me about something. I agreed, and he left me to go back to his house. When I went to his father, there was another man, and he was carrying an axe.

They were about to kill me, but then, I didn’t budge but asked for an explanation as to why. They didn’t tell me an answer so I cried and pleaded that I’ll let them kill me, but I just needed to see his son one last time. It was a surprise to them, so what they did was escort me to the house. They were very strict though, because they were scared I would run away, but I didn’t have any intentions in doing that.

When I got to the house, the guy was very surprised because he thought I was dead by now. I told him about my decision, and sought for the answers, and so he began to tell the story.

He said that the town was going to kill me so I’ll become their food. They lure people to the town so they’ll live. They live in another dimension. He told me that he’s not using his real body. He came from space (kinda like an alien), and he couldn’t use his real body to live normally, so he used another person’s body to live like a human being.

He said it pained him how he couldn’t move, stuck in the dark, and how he couldn’t be just like himself, the real him. I wanted to see his real body before they kill me so I told him to show me. He opened the basement, and there I saw, a big rock, with a decaying hand, sticking out of the rock, as if his whole body was inside the rock, and his hand was the only body part that could move freely. It’s as if the hand is telling me, “Pull me out of this rock. Help me. Set me free.”

He told me that he doesn’t want to look anymore, so he closed the basement, and I was crying because I somehow pitied him. I told him how I love him and I’m willing to accept everything he is and he was touched by my confession, he hugged me (his face somehow changes to my bf’s face irl, and then back to the guy from Ghost in the Shell).

Soon, I went back to his dad, and I told him I want to stay in the town. They were all surprised but they agreed. I kept on asking all sorts of questions, like how they get their food. They say one townsfolk go out and lure a group or one into town. A person can feed them already for days. They don’t grow old, and they don’t need to eat that much. Once killed, they cook it, but the thing is, they make raisin breads out of it.

I told them I wanted to eat some, and they were surprised but they gave me a slice of bread. I was disgusted at first when I knew the bread was my friend, but when I tasted it, it tasted nothing. The bread and raisin were tasteless. They said I probably need to eat normal food if I were to stay there and they’ll cook me some so I don’t have to worry. They asked me if I feel bad eating people, and I told them I was a psychopath who didn’t really care much about people.

Now, I became their new person who lures food into town.


Negative thoughts and potential answers — Pointless Overthinking

Since I’m I was so negative, this post really speaks to me:

Since I write a lot about how thoughts are influencing us and that we should counter them, I thought I should give some example. Below can be found the most typical so called “errors” we do from time to time and a potential adaptive response. Thought: If he doesn’t call me back in the […]

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